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Full cream milk

Patil Dairy Full Cream Milk wholesome and healthy. Packed with energy and nutrition thats essential for growing kids. It makes them stronger from within and keeps them active and healthy. Patil Dairy offers you the best full Cream Milk, procured using the most hygienic techniques. It is pasteurised in our avantgarde processing plant and pouch packed to make it conveniently available for the customers. Patil Full Cream Milk is rich, creamier, and tastier just like how your grandma would want you to drink. Also perfect for preparing homemade sweets, Curds and savories.

Benefits and Usage

Full cream milk is highly nutritious. It provides the essential nutrients needed by the body for healthy development. Helps in making high quality curd. Ideal for making scrumptious desserts & sweets. Our body needs calcium to make our bones and teeth healthy and strong. Milk Fat - 6 % Milk SNF - 9 %

Toned milk

Patil Dairy Toned Milk, a perfect blend of good health and wholesome taste. Its an ideal choice for people in search of a nutritionally balanced diet that does not compromise on taste. It is the right way to stay fit and fine, jolly and cheerful.

Benefits and Usage

Patil toned milk is a good substitute for whole milk as it contains no fat. Patil Toned milk contains the same amount of nutrients as whole milk. Toned milk can keep your calorie intake down. Milk Fat - 3% Milk SNF- 8.5 %

Cow milk

Patil Dairy Cow Milk contains simple proteins & is easy to digest. It is the recommended milk for children once they are weaned off Mothers Milk after 2 years. The small size casein micelles in Patil dairy Cow milk leads to higher hydration which helps in digestion. Additionally, Homogenisation breaks the Fat globules in smaller sizes thus facilitating the digestion further. Milk Fat - 4% , Milk SNF - 8.5%

Available in - Sangli and all taluka places and cities, villages in District, Islampur, Karad, Satara, Pune & nearby villages in pune.