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Information In Detail:

Patil Dairy Lassi is a tasty and refreshing drink made from pure, nutritious milk. Drink it either as an anytime snack or as a tasty accompaniment to your food. Either way its a great tasting drink. It's time to boost your immune system with the very delicious probiotic lassi presented by Patil Dairy. If you are scared of the summers, Patil Dairy Lassi has the best probiotic lassi packed for you.

We made two kind of lassi plain lassi and mango lassi, Enjoy the exquisite flavor of mango with Patil Dairy Probiotic Mango Lassi. The taste of nutritious mango and benefits of lassi will enable you to be cool and energetic throughout this summer. Patil Dairy lassi is the perfect choice to quench your thirst.

Benefits and Usage:

Lassi keeps you cool in summer.

Lassi is said to promote and aid digestion.

Patil Dairy Lassi is all natural and pro-biotic.

Pro-biotic Plain Lassi boosts the immune system thus helps in fighting food-borne illnesses.

It prevents from urinary tract infections.

Improves digestive function.


Shelf Life- 7 days

Pack Size- 200ml

Storage: Under Refrigeration


Shelf Life- 15 days

Pack Size- 200ml

Variants- Dry Fruit, Gulkand, pineapple & vanila

Storage: Under Refrigeration.