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Information In Detail:

Patil Dairy widely known for its basundi. In every festival, traditions our basundi makes the function mesmerising.

The exact origin of Basundi is not known, but it has been prepared over several centuries in western and southern parts of India. The closest taste alike of basundi is the famous rabdi of north india. It is packed aseptically (in germ free condition) to give.

Basundi is a heat desiccated, thickened milk dessert, having white to light caramel colour, creamy consistency with soft textured flakes that are uniformly suspended throughout the product matrix. Basundi has a sweetish caramel aroma, it contains all the solids of milk in an approx. Two fold concentration plus additional sugar, with high food and nutritive value. Additives increase the calorific value of the product. A hugely popular dish from the Western side of the country, Basundi tastes like sweetened milk but is slightly sweeter and thicker. It can be eaten with other desserts as an accompaniment or even as a dip for chapattis/pooris.

We have 2 kinds of basundi, one of Sitafal Basundi and the other contains ilayachi or plain basundi only. Our basundi is ready to serve. It already contains sugar as well and well dense so you do not need to heat it again. You can serve it as Hot or Cold. It will surely please your taste buds.

Shelf Life

Best before 10 days from packaging when stored below -18 0C

Tasty Tip

Garnish it with extra almonds and pistas.

Ingredients -

Milk solids (50%), Sugar, Corn Starch, Pista flakes, Cardamom Powder Thickening agent INS 407 and Saffron. Contains permuted natural colours (INS 1oa INS 140 and INS 160a)