Our commitment towards customer:

Patil Dairy established in 2005 with an objective of providing fresh milk & milk products to everybody. It Is founded by Mr. Dhanyakumar Chougonda Patil Alias D.C. Mr. Dhanyakumar has the wide experience in this field. We have started new brand shopee of Patil Dairy at Miraj Location. Patil dairy manufactures / Distributes milk and milk products like Pasteurized / Homogenized-Cow milk, Toned milk, Double toned milk, Full cream milk, Cow & Buffalo Ghee, Basundi, Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Malai Paneer, Dahi, Lassi, Chaas, Milk Powder, Pedha, & Khoa, All these products are available at Patil owned parlours at location outside the Patil Dairy and through appointed distributors and retailing circuits. Our Basundi is the famous in all our products range. Patil products have been in use in thousands of homes in Sangli District, Islampur, Karad, Satara, & Pune. Patil Milk, Patil Ghee, Patil Shrikhand, Patil Amrakhand, Patil Lassi, Patil Chaas (buttermilk) have made Patil a leading food brand in Western Maharashtra. Today Patil is a symbol of high-quality milk products sold at reasonable prices.

Our Vision

To start more brand shopee at our location.To make all Consumers, along the entire value chain, happy.Provide our customers with the cleanest and healthiest milk, for which the focus on nutrition starts from the animals themselves, thus leading to more nutritional milk and milk products.

Our Mission

To serve good service at miraj location.To continuously improve milk processing facilities to produce the best quality milk and milk products in the most efficient way and under most hygienic conditions. To represent and support Patil dairy farmers, providing quality products and services for continued growth and success.